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Unit of Mineral Processing

The Unit of Mineral Processing, short AMR, was founded in 1998 and is specialized in processing mineral materials. Head of department is Professor Hermann Wotruba. The department is one of a kind in Germany due to the fact that its research is focused exclusively on mineral resource processing. In addition to technical and economic aspects, the environmental compatibility of the processes also represents a research focus.

Department of Processing and Recycling

The Department of Processing and Recycling, short I.A.R., was founded in 1998. Head of the department is Professor Thomas Pretz. The I.A.R. investigates research issues of waste management with a holistic approach. This includes descriptions of material systems, understanding of single processes up to complete process chains as well as a modelling of process chains which enables detailed assessment.

Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies

At the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies, short AMT, which is previously known as the Institute for Mechanical Engineering in the Raw Materials Industry and currently headed by Professor Elisabeth Clausen, research activities are focussing on the development of ruggedized, connected and autonomous machines and processes that are able to cope with the harsh and challenging mining environments.

RWTH International Academy

As the official academy for continuing education of the RWTH Aachen University, the RWTH International Academy is tasked with promoting and developing the integration of professional and academic education. The goal herby is to make knowledge accessible to further target groups though application-oriented educational formats and programmes. And, thus, to make a lasting contribution to lifelong learning.

RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University offers competence-, research- and practice-oriented training with the goal of developing highly qualified and responsible graduates for leading positions in science, society and business.

The University educates over 45,000 students enrolled in 157 courses. This includes more than 9,500 international students from over 135 countries. Through its 260 departments, RWTH Aachen University has access to a broad knowledge base and a competence landscape that supports both basic and applied research.